The Gran Fondo Experience

Stay Tuned For Details For The
2019 Gran Fondo

Details From The 2017 Gran Fondo

The Rochester Gran Fondo is something new in this region and something exciting for Rochester! It’s the combination of an ultimate VIP experience and an opportunity to support Rochester’s beloved institution, The Golisano Children’s Hospital!

2017 registration gets you the following:

  • 100% of the proceeds go to the Golisano Children’s Hospital – ZERO administration fees!
  • Exclusive VIP access to the Blue Cross Arena atrium for the Rochester Twilight Criterium! Experience private front-row seating right on the criterium course
  • An amazing buffet dinner at the Blue Cross Arena!
  • A 50 mile ride in beautiful Western New York with amazing rest stops and SRAM Neutral Support or a gorgeous 10 mile ride exploring the south sides of Greater Rochester – both rides start with a Police escort and travel past the Golisano Children’s Hospital so you can see first hand what you’re supporting!
  • A custom Cycling Jersey (50 mile) or a custom Tech Tee (10 mile)
  • VIP Blue Cross Arena access also includes inside bike storage for the evening!
  • An exclusive  meet & greet with some of the pro athletes!

A VIP experience charity ride to support the Golisano Children's Hospital!